August 2017 Gaming

I’ve got 4 days in August that we can game on. According to the Doodle poll these are the following results:

August 3rd (6-7 players)

@Phoenix_Pyros, @81Rambler, @GuardianBunny, Jason, @WarpedBoard, @darkadept and maybe @RavenPyros

August 21st (5 players)

@RavenPyros, @Phoenix_Pyros, @81Rambler, Jason, @darkadept

August 28th (6 players)

@RavenPyros, @Phoenix_Pyros, Shaun, Jason, @81Rambler, @darkadept

August 29th (4-5 players)



We should probably come up with some good ideas of games to play. I’m thinking about leaving Aug 3rd more open since we have the most number of players although I’m open to suggestions.

@RavenPyros already mentioned Xia and/or Battlestar Galactica as some options.
Picks from my collection are: Mechs vs Minions (4p), Dead of Winter (5p), Alchemists (5p), Cosmic Encounter (5p), Spectre Ops (5p), Discworld (4p), Nothing Personal (5p), and the filler games Burke’s Gambit (8p), Unauthorized (12p)

Discuss below which games we should try to fit in.


Please let me know if you’re not going to show up for one of the evenings. :wink:

Not on the list?

If you’re not on the list of players, just let me know (on here or at

Most of my games cap out at about 4-5 players, but here’s some picks from my collection

-Fire of Eidolon (6 Players)
Pretty quick to learn and games can probably be done in under an hour
-Mega Man (8 Player)
While this game does support 8 players anything more than three or four and we’ll probably be there all night
-Star Trek PANIC! (5 Player)
A pretty good use of the license. Should be a quick game too (an hour or two)
-Star Trek Frontiers (4 Player)
A bit longer to play and learning the rules might take awhile.
-Defenders of the Realm (4 Player)
Longer game, but haven’t had a chance to group with this one yet
-10 Minutes To Kill (5 Player)
Very short deduction type game. Resets take almost no time at all
-Dungeons of Masmoria (5 Player)
A fairly simple and easy dungeon crawler. Co-operative but also an optional Dungeon Master mode as well
-Dungeons and Dragons Adventure System (5 Player)
Wouldn’t mind getting a full game of this through too. I’d only recommend the first three (Castle Ravenloft, Wrath of Ashardalon, and Legend of Drizzt) since the last game (Temple of Elemental Evil) is more of a multi-game campaign. I can bring characters from all four sets though.