Bi-weekly gaming

Ok. I’ve been tossing around the idea of a bi-weekly gaming night. It’s too difficult to run doodle polls for every single game night and I’d like to play more often anyways.

It would have to be on a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday if we want to use the youth room at church.

Thoughts, ideas?

Bi-weekly would be a hard commitment wouldn’t it be? If not, go for it, I’ll be there once a month or more. I’m always in favour of something spontaneous as well.

I would be totally up for this, but it bears mentioning that my next month or two are going to be fairly booked for me.

I didn’t want to make a new topic for this, but my mother was in an auto accident last week, and it looks like for a few weeks I’ll be tasked with taking care of my dad while she’s in the hospital. She’s doing fine now, but it’s just several weeks of physio before she’s discharged for home.

So yeah, no board games or RPGs for awhile. I’ll be back here when things even out again.

Sure thing @81Rambler. Sorry to hear about your mother. :frowning: Praying that physio goes well! :pray:
If you need anything just msg me!

I would probably only be starting the bi-weekly thing in Feb 2017, so keep watching for details. I’ll try to plan a game night in Jan, for those that can make it.

Very sorry to here about your mom, that’s no good. Hope all goes well. Keep you in our pryers.