Board Game Upgrades

Well, I’ve done it. I completed my “insert” for Xenoshyft Onslaught; I broke the game down into several decks, then I took these decks and placed them into deck boxes that I picked up on Amazon (and I do recommend these over the one’s from Shoppers) after arranging everything else I put my two miniatures into some foam I carved up to be placed securely at the top of the box. I would post pictures but I’m out of time. You’ll have to see it in person some time. Though I may improve this in the future. I still need to label the deck boxes for improved setup and storage.

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Stonemaier Tokens and Coins Sold here, an excellent option to improve any game!

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would be fun to split something like this…

I might be interested. I wonder how much of a ‘discount’ this is? I have a lot already between me and my boys, but there are several in there that me don’t have or might want another copy for squadrons.