Board Games for June

I’ve been going in circles on this forum for about a half hour and couldn’t find where to ask a simple question, so I had to join and start a new topic. . :confused: Sigh
I am tempted to vote on the date of the next Game Day.
I don’t know if I will have been hired here in Steinbach, though I started the process 7 weeks ago, so it wouldn’t be fair to myself if I said all dates and then couldn’t make it.
But what would make me want to vote in the first place would be knowing the types of games that are brought out. I did a search for the one at the top of my list right now and found there may be players. I would like to ask though, what are people bringing out and hoping to play?
In the past few months has anyone played these games?
X-wing miniatures (Sm/Lg)
X-wing miniatures (Huge/Epic)
Fortress America
Axis & Allies (global, 1942)
Axis & Allies miniatures
Munchkin Quest
Settlers of Catan
Settlers of America
Empire Builder
Chess, Alice Chess, Knightmare Chess
Scotland Yards
Mice & Mystics
Star Trek TOS CCG
Eminent Domain

BTW - General/RPG/Meta were the only category options.

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Hey bud,
Thanks taking interest! We’d love to have you out. :smiley:

I don’t have the answers to your specific question, but I can tell you a bit about my experiences at game nights.

  1. Mike and Richard always bring out tonnes of games (I’m guessing between 30-40) so most of us don’t need to bring our own.

  2. If there’s a specific game I want to play with the guys, I bring it along, I mention that I want to play it, and usually when the circumstances are right (enough people + enough time) we play it.

  3. I don’t usually bring games because there is such a wide variety of awesome games, that I’m usually game for something that someone is playing or interested in.

A typical evening rolls like this:

  • some eager folk show up right on time, and they start playing something light and quick.
  • more folks show up and either start something light and quick or just hang out waiting for the others to finish.
  • once everyone is done playing, the “What should we play” question starts rolling around. If someone has something they’re really passionate about, they’ll say “I wanna play this!” and whoever is interested will go off and play it.
  • everyone else is pretty easy-going with their selection, and we’re all so polite that we don’t want to step on any toes that no one expresses a strong opinion, but rather a couple tentative suggestions. (And people like Mike will invariably say “I’m good with whatever” which is what makes the evening so great.) Then there’s a bit of consensus about what game people are most interested in, and it’s brought to the table.
  • If one game finishes, then the players will gauge if another game is going to wrap up soon or not. If it is, they’ll wait till the others are done before choosing something new. If it’s not, then they’ll pick something else.

It’s a super laid back group, and I ALWAYS have so much fun. (Even when no one listens to me during Resistance, and the spies win as a result.) (Even when we lose Dead of Winter on the VERY LAST TURN! Gah, I can’t believe he was a traitor.)

I’m seeing some heavy games near the top of your list. I can think of a few times when someone has brought out a big gun right near the start, and a few guys have jumped on, and that game took their whole night. It has happened. I think a lot of guys are more interested in playing a couple medium length games, probably because there is so much variety.

My advice to you:

  • do what you’re doing right now. Talk about it on here and on the Facebook page. Once a date is picked, decide if you’re going to come or not and say “I’m interested in playing this”. Maybe one or two others will express interest too. Bang. Done. Come to game night and you play the game your arranged in advance.
  • make a request or two. If someone has the game you’re interested in, they’ll bring it.
  • just come out and see what happens. If you’re the type of guy who enjoys playing games, then you should just try it out. Be open to the experience, right? Maybe you’ll discover that we’re all losers who only play Sorry and The Game of Life and this scene isn’t for you, and you wasted a couple hours of your life. Then lesson learned, time to move on. BUT, that’s not going to be your experience.

You’ll meet a bunch of guys who enjoy playing good games AND you’ll probably have fun playing something too. Maybe it’s something familiar, maybe it’s something new. But I honestly have never heard of someone coming to game night and leaving disappointed.

Does that help at all?

no, just kidding.

I’m just going to answer a simple, yes.

But it appears that the people who should have answered my question are Mike and Richard, and maybe they’re worried I’ll think they’re “losers” and are avoiding having to convince me of what “is not going to be my experience.”

Now that I think of it you really shouldn’t be trying to convince me of something that is so subjective as whether I’m going to enjoy myself, and I would never consider someone a loser just because they play checkers instead of chess, or anything for that matter…

It actually took a fair amount of courage and putting myself out there to go to the Jake Epp library game group and see if they would play anything besides Magic the gathering. They have a little box of games they brought out the three times I was there, but really they only played Magic the gathering. I went twice because someone had agreed in advance to play X-wing miniatures (using my collection), and the last third time just on the hope, and it didn’t happen, but I did manage to put together a 100 card mono-white Magic deck. It’s really not my game though.

I noticed HERE that Mike listed some games:

  • Cosmic Encounter (prefer 4 or 5 players)
  • Dead of Winter (3-5 players)
  • Nothing Personal (3-5 players)
  • Caverna (prefer 3 to 5 players)
  • Discworld: Ankh-Morpork (2-4 players)
  • Huge X-Wing Miniatures battle
  • Imperial Assault
  • Fortress America

If it’s my genre then I would be interested no matter what I think, but really I lean toward the familiar much more than the unfamiliar.

I should probably update this list
as I have over 70 games by now. Just as this list is probably not complete either:
I see your online collection is completely empty, and it shows me your motivation, lol,
you’re just trying to get more people bringing more games so you don’t have to.
Richard also has an interesting list:

I’m encouraged as much by these list as by your essay on being a laid back inclusive try anything gamer, and although I’d like to say whatever day will be chosen I’ll probably show, things are still too up in the air for me. After jumping through all of El’dad’s Ranch’s hoops if I have to wait more than 2 months and still nothing, then we’ll be moving back to Portage la Prairie, and all this will be moot for me.

They probably just have better time management skills than me. I know they both lead pretty busy lives, and I do too, but once I get typing I find it hard to stop.

Hmmm. Unlikely. If they were worried about if people will have fun or not, they wouldn’t have started this in the first place. :slight_smile:

I’m just laying out the facts, dude. 100% of people surveyed didn’t regret coming out. Maybe you’ll be the exception. Maybe not. One way to find out.

I’ve wanted to go there several times, but my availability never lined up. I’m glad folks are using that resource, but it’s too bad the scope is so narrow.

(At first I read that line as judgement on me for either not taking the time out of my day to list the games I own on a website, or for not spending more money on owning games. Then I noticed that “lol” and decided you were probably joking.)

Haha. Yeah, no. There’s never a lack of interesting games to play. Rather, there are too many good games to play, and not enough time. My motivation is strictly helping another guy enjoy a mutual hobby.

I’m always up for a game of Dead of Winter or Caverna. Assuming I can make it, I’d love to play either of those with ya.

When I first saw Mike’s post with the list of games, I
immediately went to have a look on boardgamegeek to see what
Dead of Winter looks like and I have to say it looks interesting.
I’m going check if I can find for myself a PDF copy of the rules to read.
I do own a copy of the first mouse pad style version of The Walking Dead boardgame.

I’d never heard of Caverna, but it looks like some of the resource
management type video games I like to play.

Currently watching this:


Youtube is a great resource for getting to know a game in advance. :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure Dead of Winter won ‘Game of the Year’. I’ve never played anything like it before, and I think it’s pretty great.

Caverna is a follow up to another game called Agricola. I was in a pretty hardcore LTR with Agricola; we spend many, many, many hours together. Then Caverna came out, which was like Agricola 2.0. All the least fun parts were taken out and replaced with even better stuff. I haven’t looked back since. Agricola just sits in my closet, wondering what happened to our relationship.

Didn’t see this post until today, and everything Alan said is on the mark, if you can make it, come check it out, bring a game if you like, or request one and we will have it there.

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also, with all the love for Dead of Winter, I’m struggling with the thought of ordering my own copy of Dead of Winter the only thing holding me back is Massive Darkness, can’t pass that one up. I only wonder, how much will it drain my coffer?

Hi Gabriel! No, not worried about you thinking I’m a “loser”, unless it’s because I’m clearly unobservant and didn’t notice this thread until late last night. :wink: Alan’s already pretty much covered it: there are always a lot of game choices there, you’re always welcome to bring your own, and people are pretty laid-back about what to actually play. Basically, we’re just a group of people who love to play board games and welcome anyone else to join, whatever their interests!

As for specific games, it looks like you’ve already perused my & Mike’s BGG lists, so you’ve got an idea of some of what might show up (again, feel free to bring your own too!). I know both X-wing & Fortress America have entered play, though it’s been some time since either did so. And of course Dead of Winter, as you noticed – always a fun choice as well.

Not sure if you’ve already noticed from the most recent vote, but just to make sure you know we’ve decided on two dates for June: tomorrow (8th) & the 22nd. Hope you can make it out for at least one of them! And of course, you’re welcome to join no matter where you’re living; there are often several people that come in from Winnipeg, so it’s more a matter of how much you actually want to drive. :wink:

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Apparently I’ve been sleeping and not checking the forum. What is wrong with me! (Don’t answer that @Alan_Fehr :worried:)

Welcome! (And yes, starting a new topic is the BEST way to ask a simple question!)

Yeah, I second (third, fourth?) everything the others have said!

I hope you can make it out one of the next game nights on the 8th or 22nd. Like @Alan_Fehr said, it’s a very laid back evening of gaming. Great venue, lots of space and well lit.

If you do want me to bring one of my games PLEASE let me know before the day of a game night. I usually bring stuff I’m interested in playing that evening and I might leave out something you really want to play. :wink: Most of the time the biggest game we play is trying to decide which game to play. So if you have your heart set on playing a specific game let us know! Also bring whatever games you own and want to play. If there is something you definitely want to play just let us know here or on facebook.

I’m just a slacker for totally missing this thread for the last 5 days. Sorry! I guess I do fall into the loser category as I usually lose the games I buy… :wink: sigh

Let me know if you have any other questions (here, Facebook, or Also, I hope your job situation works out for you!

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Good introduction game for me. It’s too bad I mentally had a
long day or I wouldn’t have forgotten to get to my own objective.

I thought about this specific image while we were playing but decided
not to try to describe it because “an image is worth a thousand words.”

This is the expansion I was referring to that printing out would cost
a lot less than buying an official expansion:

Or you could use just parts of it that would fit the core game.
Would it disturb anyone if I swapped out the image in this location card,
for some place more familiar and ironic?

I also recommend both of these videos.

Can someone remind me just so that I don’t forget, as I’m much better
with faces, it was clockwise: Me, Mike, Alan, ??/??, ??

Thanks again.


I’m glad you could join us last night, man. (Even if you were just one book short. :slight_smile: )

Love that first video. Felicia Day rocks.

Going round the circle was you, Mike, myself, Luke (replaced by Rich) and then Ted.

Hopefully you can come out again. :smiley:

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Ha, nice image… how is it the dog was the most literate of us all?! :laughing:

That expansion looks pretty interesting… it’s amazing what kind of fan-made stuff is out there!

As for who was playing, it was you, Mike, Alan, Luke (them me, Richard) and Theo(Ted).

Glad you were able to make it out, even in a bit of a state of exhaustion – hope you can come again!

**edit Alan beat me to it again! :slight_smile: **

I’m curious, having seen a few day survey vote results, what happened to Saturdays as a viable option? Never enough interest or the building too occupied on the weekend? I mean 9 hours of board games doesn’t sound bad to me but perhaps that’s too much for most others.

Also, I’m in the process of perfecting one custom item card for Dead of Winter,
I just have to get the mechanic’s wording right and it’s done.

The second version is for the free custom expansion that has a church, cabin, Home Depot, and a diner. Maybe that’s too ironic, I don’t know, but it’s a start for my collection.

Thirdly, I entered a contest for custom X-wing miniatures cards, and wonder if anyone is interested in that sort of thing here. There are four voting pages on Google Docs. The first is the 66 custom unique pilots ( voting finished on new generic pilots already) for both new and old ships. And the last three are links for the 84 upgrades.

Custom Card League: Unique Pilots, round 1
Upgrades, Round 1, Part 1
Upgrades, Round 1, Part 2
Upgrades, Round 1, Part 3

I personally have 47 entries. 6 ships, and 41 upgrades.
If anyone is feeling charitable these are my ships.
• Tor Skylow - Scum VT49
• Poe Dameron - Resistance TIE/sf
• Sabine Wren - Rebel TIE fighter
• Vuffi Raa - Scum YT-1300
• Fable Aston - Rebel YT-1300
• Mara Jade - Imperial Z-95
My upgrades start at then end of page 1 with Special Forces Refit and go to Dual Sided Emperor Palpatine, with missing cards Grand Admiral Thrawn and Rebel Heavy Z-95 tacked on at the end of page 3.
Results Pages: Unique Pilots, Upgrades-1, Upgrades-2, Upgrades-3.

Mike is the one spearheading the “group events” so when he makes the Doodle poll, he puts down the dates he’s available. At the same time, I believe his vision for this board is to make it a place where anyone can post “Who wants to get together and play ____ next ___day?” I believe he’s hoping that the group will expand beyond the main events, and he’d like to see this board help facilitate that. (We’ve been using it quite successful with our Star Wars RPGing.)

Neat cards! Super-duper powerful, but nice. Mechanically, if someone started with that card, I know that we would all fill the colony with as many helpless survivors as possible, then take the huge boost in moral (It’s not uncommon to lose the game by 1 point at the very end, and I’m always hesitate to add more people to my team because of the dead weight helpless survivors are.) Also, when zombies overrun the colony, they kill the lowest influence people first, which is always the helpless. Again, you would be saving yourself so much moral by having this equipped on someone at the base.

I sure like the idea of having the game within itself, but the cards are written are super powerful.

All the best with your contest! The only time I’ve experimented with minis was when I tried valiantly to get into Heroclix, but those designers needed to work so hard to introduce new rules every 6 months, it was impossible for me to keep up. :S

I like the card for the board game idea, not necessarily for the abilities, I’m not stuck on those. My preference is something for discarding and also something for equipping, so if you think you can come up with something less overpowered let me know and I can edit the card.

What about, when equipped and at the colony, you don’t have to feed the 4 people playing the game (because they’re too enthralled by the game to eat).
And when you discard it, you don’t add zombies to your current location for one turn (because the zombies are too enthralled by the game to eat you).

Yeah. I can only pick days that I’m available for. During summer weekends are going to be pretty rare but after summer it’s likely. We’ve done holiday days from 1pm to 11:30pm a time or two.

I also need to work on some more advertising too. I’d like to get the word out around Steinbach and area a bit more.

At the end of September the church is having a men’s retreat (I’m on the planning committee) and I’ll be bringing lots of games there as well.

I don’t know how serious you were, but I can’t see zombies being distracted by a board game. Neither can I see characters passing up food to play a board game. But I get sense of the level of power you’re going for.

WASTE PILE: Gain a one time morale increase of +1.
EQUIP: As long as there are 5+ player survivors at the colony and this item, do not suffer morale loss when a helpless survivor is removed from play.

I had a co-worker that played Heroclix, and that I taught to play Axis & Allies miniatures. I started buying Heroclix to make my own teams, and after that relationship ended I kept buying particular Heroclix. I added Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, and The Avengers to the mix. So I can have Gandalf and Spock on my team as well as Iron Man and Thor, etc:

[quote=“darkadept, post:18, topic:153, full:true”]

Yeah. I can only pick days that I’m available for. During summer weekends are going to be pretty rare but after summer it’s likely. We’ve done holiday days from 1pm to 11:30pm a time or two.

I also need to work on some more advertising too. I’d like to get the word out around Steinbach and area a bit more.

At the end of September the church is having a men’s retreat (I’m on the planning committee) and I’ll be bringing lots of games there as well.
[/quote] Haven’t been here more than 2 months and will be leaving soon, but I would guess that if you had to “advertise” the best place would be

Just noticed a post option here: