Commissioned - The Board Game & Unauthorized

The other day I was listening to the Dice Steeple podcast and they were interviewing Patrick Lysaght of Chara Games. They are a new board game publisher that aims to create Christian themed board games. Their first kickstarter was for the game Commissioned where you take the roles of the apostles in the early church. It’s a co-operative deck-building game with a touch of Pandemic where you attempt to plant churches in the ancient world. It looks pretty cool. Check out Sam Healey’s preview video on it:

They were also talking about a new game from Chara Games called Unauthorized. It’s a social deduction game for 6 to 10 players where you play as an underground church. You never know who can be trusted, who works for the State or the Church. The game is in the play testing phase at the moment.

I emailed Patrick about play testing Unauthorized and also asked if he has any copies of Commissioned available. He replied and send me the files for the print and play version of Unauthorized. It’s in the polishing phase and he would love to hear our feedback on it. I’ll get a copy of this game ready for game day on Saturday. I also have a link to a survey for playtesting if you are interested.

He also said that he does have some copies of Commissioned and it’s being sent to Snakes & Lattes in Toronto for fulfilment really soon. It costs $55 (which includes shipping). He needs to have the money via Paypal by Oct 25th in order to add addresses to the list. I’m pretty sure I’ll be ordering a copy for myself. If any of you are interested I can add your order too, or just come and play my copy. I figured I’d pass this along just in case someone wants their own copy.

Looks like a really cool board game with sound mechanics and an interesting (to me anyways) theme!

Whenever I see popular games reskinned as “Christian games” I puke in my mouth. What a total lack of creativity.
If these games you mentioned are unique games, then more power to them. Hopefully they can put Mystery at the Museum and Christian Carcazonne to shame.

Yeah this isn’t a reskin. This is a newly developed game.

Check out this video. Remember that it’s a PREVIEW video and not a REVIEW. He was asked to create this video by the game’s publisher.

And I have a copy ordered. So I guess we’ll be able to judge it first hand instead of by it’s cover. :wink:

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