DealExtreme order

I’m going to put an order in at for some cables and wireless chargers and stuff. It’s cheap Chinese stuff and it takes about a month or so to get here but it’s cheap!

If anyone wants to add stuff to the order let me know. I’ll probably finalize the order next week sometime.

Edit: Oh, and shipping is free, it just takes a long time.

I’ve never heard of this site, wouldn’t even know where to begin… you’ve used it before I take it? What have you liked previously that they offer?

I’ve used it for audio cables and a wireless charger. Everything that isn’t name brand is more cheaply made, for sure. The audio cables weren’t the thickest, but good enough. I found the nylon braided cables pretty good. The wireless charger was good and works well. I’m getting myself some nylon braided headphones ($3.50) and a whole bunch of nylon braided USB charging cords ($3/ea).

The site is HUGE though. There is tons of stuff on it. Just don’t believe any of the “reviews” on the site as they may be fabricated. :wink: I’d say anything where quality doesn’t matter too much is fine from this site. Especially since the prices are a lot cheaper. I know a few others that have bought stuff off the site. It’s been around quite a few years too.

From 3D printers to tablets to clothing to sports stuff to toys. It’s all free shipping, but like I said before, it can take a LONG time to ship. Like a month or so.