Game Night #24 - *CONFIRMED* May 30th 2015

It’s May! Time for more games!

Here is the link to the Doodle poll. Please go vote for the day that works best for you!

Deadline for the Doodle poll is Friday, May 8th.

Guys sure do like playing games on a Saturday night, eh?

Yeah, democracy sucks right? :smirk:

I wouldn’t go that far, but… :smile:

Ooops. Just noticed that the complete upstairs is booked on the 30th. Gym, sanctuary, youth room, and I’m guessing probably the chapel.

There is a nice room downstairs that works as well so I’ll see if that’s available. If not we may need to reschedule. If that happens I’ll send out another email blast in the next day or two.

Wheeee, scheduling is fun… :weary:

Scheduling, ain’t it swell :slight_smile: