Good RPG podcasts

Actual Play Podcasts
I’ve come across a few good actual play podcasts for FFG’s Star Wars RPG. It’s always inspiring to listen to what other groups do! The GM’s occasionally make rules mistakes (as all do!), but these capture the spirit of the system very well.

Dice For Brains - A podcast designed to introduce people to the system, particularly those who have never played an RPG before. They really embrace the narrative system and flipping Destiny points to add to the scene.

Silhouette Zero - Two brothers produce this show, a fairly fast-paced romp with a lot of laughs.

Begging For XP - This group has played through several systems, some better than others. They have run 2 seasons of EotE, stories called “Lost Sons” and “Scavenger’s Feast.”

Reckless Dice Podcast - A podcast mainly devoted to Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, 3rd Edition, which is the predecessor to FFG’s SWRPG. Early episodes are more focused on discussion and theory, but over the last few years it’s been almost solely actual play sessions. I particularly like the campaign where they introduce a n00b to the system, beginning with Journey to Blackfire Pass. Helga the foreign goat herder has an amazing character arc.

Instructional/Discussion Podcasts

I’ve also come across several good resources for both players and GM’s to dig deeper into this system (and roleplaying in general). Here are a few of my favourites:

Order 66 / (forum link) - The original podcast all about Star Wars roleplaying; lots of info, they often get the devs on for interviews, but tend to be long-winded (a lot of extra segments like SW-related news and plugging other shows). The hosts understand the system very well and are also frequent beta testers. The earliest episodes were done during the Beta Core Rulebook phase, and so some rules advice from then is actually not up to date, but the stuff from the past couple of years is all accurate. This was my launching point into EotE (thanks @darkadept).

Tales From the Hydian Way - Most of these episodes focus on a particular aspect of the system (like Mentors, or believable Nemeses), and they brainstorm ways of practically and successfully implementing that aspect in a session. I love their treatment of the various Force Powers - some outside-the-box thinking. I also appreciate their (relatively) decent focus - not a lot of rabbit trails.

Potelbat - A system-neutral podcast all about making your tabletop rpg better, both as a player and GM. They discuss storytelling principles and techniques, and one host is an Australian which often makes things go a bit bonkers. It finished up after 127 episodes.

Can anyone add to this list? I’ve found a few others, but they tend to be not as well produced, not as creative, and short-lived.

I’ve listened to a few really good episodes lately:

Tales from the Hydian Way, Episode 104 - The Atypical Campaign Tale - The hosts talk about campaign ideas for non/minimal combat stories in a variety of genres. Some definite fun ideas! (@Alan_Fehr - thought of you for this episode)

Episode 102 - The Hard Crime Tale - some good thoughts about crime and Star Wars and the different ways of approaching it in an rpg campaign.

Order 66 Podcast - Episode 78: Do or Do Not, There is No Trial - A look at Force Users and how the concept of Jedi Trials are actually a key component to character development for them. Interesting stuff.

How do I subscribe to the order 66 podcast I’m using stitcher at the moment. Should I try another?

I’m not sure - I’m not really well versed in podcastery. I use Podcast Republic on my phone, and MusicBee on my laptop & desktop and it works fine.

Just tried overcast. All good now!

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It’s an article, not a podcast, but I thought this post about social encounters was quite interesting and useful for any GM. There are actually a lot of good articles on the “Geek and Sundry” site for rpg’s in general.

Cool article about making choices the backbone of session prep. Good food for thought.

The Order 66 Podcast came out with an excellent episode on how to be a good roleplayer - the meat of the show is from 15:15 to 57:40. I highly recommend a listen, and it helped me realize a few practical ways to improve our sessions both as a player and GM.