Hey everyone,

I’m putting together an order through in about a week, and there is free shipping at the $200 mark. If anyone is interested in joining in to get the free shipping (or split the $12 shipping if we are below the threshold - already have a couple people on board), please reply to this thread.

For those with older kids, Compounded is a game that is excellent for teaching about the periodic table and how elements form compounds, and the game itself is actually quite fun to boot, which often isn’t the case with educationally accurate games. :wink: I’m picking up a few copies for homeschooling friends, it will be in stock in about a week.

What would a set, or two, of Star Wars rpg dice run me up? I’d consider another set. I do realize I’m probably late in asking this. Only thought of it now.

Last time I checked, $12.95 each pack. It’s a special order (which they do all the time for me) so it would take a week or two to get in. I’m finishing up the order when Compounded gets in. I can check for the dice with them if you want.

at that price you can put me down for 2 sets, I’m patient I don’t mind the wait. As long as it doesn’t complicate your order.

I’ll check - with the CAD fluctuations it might be more expensive, we’ll see.

I’d be in for:

@WarpedBoard, your order is in.

Great! Just to doublecheck, I edited it shortly after posting, making sure you weren’t so fast that you got the original version… :wink:

Uh oh, got the Machi Koro expansion. Already paid…

No worries! Is it still possible to add Concept in as well?

No problem. :sunglasses:

Their supplier is out of dice packs, and they are waiting for a restock which could be weeks or even a month or two. So no dice for this order,sorry!

Awe phooey. No problem I’ll wait until next time.

Compounded is in, so the order will be finalized at noon - we’re at free shipping, so if someone wants to join just let me know ASAP. Payment & Pickup at my house or at a games night.

Edit: will be finalized at noon.