Journey to Arda 1

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The Alliance is sending you to one of their secret bases for more official training. How are you guys/gal getting there? I know we talked a bit about it but I see a few options that we could use:

  • Everyone takes the Lambda class shuttle together
  • Everyone takes the YT freighter you used last session
  • The Alliance loans you various small ships
  • Any combination of the above

I think Arda 1 lends itself to you guys having your own ships. Maybe not each character having their own but you don’t need to all be in one ship.

Maybe the Alliance needs a fighter or two transported to the base.

So basically, if your character fancies themselves a pilot this would be a good chance to, ahem, test your wings.

I think the main point is that it’s the Alliance’s ship(s) and not owned by you guys personally.


Swift would prefer not to pilot himself. His #1 option would be freighter… And riding on The Trap would be kinda neat, though Swift would personally rather be on the Lambda class. It’s at least solidly built. :slight_smile:

So you’d rather be a co-pilot or some support position? Surely Swift knows a thruster stick from a gundark’s behind? :wink:

He’s grown up with a chauffeur, and his work has kept him planetside; he’d be most comfortable with the comms and watching the sensors.

Tor would probably be most willing to take the freighter, but could appreciate the potential danger in flying a craft that would more than likely have been identified from our escape. He would probably think taking a Lambda shuttle together would be the least risky option of the above.

Damaria would probably be most comfortable with the Lambda (from a meta standpoint I like the idea of using the Trap of course, but from Damaria’s viewpoint it’s a possibly-flagged-as-rebel nearly-falling-apart death-Trap :wink: ).

Ok, cool. Alright, barring arguments from @Phoenix_Pyros, the lambda it is.

And to set expectations I just want to make sure you all know that your characters are now entering the ranks of the Rebel Alliance proper, not just a small cell. As GM (and the story) I won’t force your characters under a strict military hierarchy but there is still a chain of command in place on the Rebel base. Most of the alliance is made up of freeloaders and self interested people anyways. So I still want your characters’ personalities and motivations to shine through this change for them. Although Damaria is probably already used to command structure. The tasks your characters will have to face may be quite out of the ordinary for them. But isn’t that what being a Rebel is all about?

I’m very much looking forward to this next chapter in the lives of our characters!

I’m good with the Lambda or a small fighter, Sprend is fully capable of flying, and mayhaps he’s the pilot of the Lambda. But perhaps he could/would accompany in a fighter… he can accept what ever mission is put upon him.

Sorry for the late reply :slight_smile:

The Alliance will loan you a Lambda T4-A Shuttle for your journey to Arda 1. It’s in decent shape except the engine transponder is fused with an old Imperial code. Flying into any Imperial space will identify this ship as stolen. It has places for 1 pilot, 1 co-pilot, 1 navigator, 1 gunner, 1 comms operator, and 1 engineer. Choose your station.

The commander on the Rebel communications base has tasked you with receiving further training on the Rebel base on Arda 1. The commander has this to say the group: “I’m impressed by what you have accomplished on Bin Prime. Unfortunately your lives are exposed and it is no longer safe for you there. A long-time friend, General Ran Niall leads on the Arda 1 base. He is a good man and will see that your skills as Rebel agent are honed even further. We will pack additional supplies for the Arda 1 base on a T4-A shuttle. Report to Major Yalor once your arrive. The horror the Empire has released upon this galaxy in the form of this “Deathstar” must be stopped at all costs. May the force be with you!”

(I just finished making extensive notes and stat block sheets for Chapter 1. I’ve got around 20 to 30 NPC’s for you to interact with. I can’t wait to start this campaign! It’ll definitely keep you on your toes.)


Will Dash be joining us at all? Spend may be the second best pilot on the team, but he’s also the best weapons op. Or at least he thinks he is. He’s asking who’s piloting. By instinct he would head strait for the gunnery position. But if he sees that Dash isn’t joining us he would stop in confusion (sort of) wondering who needs to take the pilot seat.

Also where and when will we meet on Tuesday?

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I could get Enhance and become a pretty good pilot with the XP gained from last session. I was thinking of diving into that power anyway at some point. Or I could just take the comms. What are others interested in?

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I was considering it, but I don’t think I will. I have enough NPC’s to deal with. :wink: He could come along for the ride and just be present in the background though. That way he won’t need to “catch up” later with plot line.

While there is piloting that needs to be done (at least, presumably), it’s not the focal point. I’d say this campaign uses a lot of different skill checks. And quite creatively too. There is something for everyone. Honestly, I wouldn’t stress too much about what you are best at. Even better would be how would Sprend react to the situation? Someone will have to pilot the Lambda shuttle. Without Dash there, who would do it? Honestly any of you would be OK enough. Don’t stress the stats too much.

Yeah, like I said, piloting isn’t the primary focus here. I think there are chances to use every single skill. If you want to go that way, that’s good, if not, that’s good too.

I’m guessing the church board room again. The calendar indicates it’s free. We should also get the next date lined up as soon as possible. If we have to break episode 1 in half you won’t want a lot of time in between sessions. Trust me.

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Let’s talk about that first thing on Tuesday - have your calendars/schedules ready. I know I currently have 2 “open” doodle polls, so it’s a first-come first-served scheduling for me!

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6pm? I don’t recall seeing the hour listed.

Sorry. I never said. I plan to be there by 5:30. The sooner the better since there is a lot of ground to cover. :wink:

6pm is good I guess. I don’t want to start much later than that.

  1. I’ll see what I can do.

We tentatively booked September 22 for the next session - that still work for everyone?

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Good here!

Works great for me.

I better update the wiki soon with the session info.

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Looking forward to the game. Though not as much as cabin weekend.

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