Ship for the Balmorran Resistance

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So I think we decided on getting the YV-929, and the next step is to choose a name. Shall we do some quick brainstorming? I think we already bandied about The Varactyl, but if there are other great ideas please share!


  1. The Huntress
  2. The Huntsman
  3. The Liberator

Stratagem or The Strata Gem

Vinny’s Vengeance? :wink:

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I feel it should call back to our beginnings in a bar

The Unpaid Tab
The Mounting Tab

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all good ones! I like the bar idea best I think (Unpaid Tab would be my favorite) - and throw one more similar into the ring - The Last Call.

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Guys, I’m not giving you 10 ships. :wink:

Roll for negotiation!

Never mind, I don’t want to end up with the garbage scow.

Good ones,

The Last Call and The Unpaid Tab,

Love the concept, just not sure the one I like better. I think The Last Call…