Something cool to watch

A nice short Star Wars film check it out

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Nice. I wish she would have done it, though. :slight_smile:

Conflict! Nice!

Also love the personal shield too.

heheh, Sprend wakes up screaming from a dream…

The haunting words echoing in his head “family… family… family…”

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another series coming by beat down boogie

I like John Williams, and yes this song can be overused… but I’ll admit to really liking the fit here!

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@FonRiesen, further proof of the Jar-Jar theory?

Epic. And Commander George… Just wow.

Throwing in some videos I’ve shared or discussed with folks

These are dramatic readings of the IDW comic book series Transformers; More Than Meets The Eye. IDW’s work has always been solid and these books are no different. And the voice work despite being done by amateurs is remarkably week done as well. So far the first two issues are complete with issue 3 supposedly coming in the next month.

Also done by a different team are issues 4 & 5, who do a good job on their own as well


While we’re all knee deep (waist… elbow… ear-tip?) into Zelda BotW, I think these videos should be timely enough

Short, but actually made me “LOL”

Friendship is magic!

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You’re Welcome!

Whip it real good!

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That ending to Rogue One is pretty epic!

that’s how i felt inside :wink: